Ethan Shotz
CBD geek

In 2017, I began experiencing overwhelming stress and anxiety after uprooting my family to the Seattle Area; while at the same time, finding out my wife was pregnant with our second child. After many restless nights, I began researching different remedies for anxiety. THC from the local dispensary was one solution, but that always made me feel disoriented for days, and sometimes even weeks!
Then I came across CBD. It claimed all the benefits of marijuana without the lingering effects. So I purchased CBD Oil and began to feel the benefits within just 3-4 days. My anxiety was substantially lower and I slept like a baby. Even feeling rested the next morning, which was not something I experienced with standard over-the-counter sleep aids.
After using CBD for about a year, I started to recommend it to my friends and family. That’s when Hemp Hive was born!
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